In these tight economic times (and even when things are great), your advertising dollar has to stretch as far as possible. With so many venues, where is that money best spent? Can you expect the biggest return from TV or radio spots, newspaper ads, phone books, or signs?

TV and radio ads require someone to be near the device at a precise minute that ad is broadcast. Print ads need someone to "let their fingers do the walking," and only work if someone looks for them.

Your outdoor signage is seen by hundreds or thousands of potential customers everyday, and offers the greatest return on your investment. People looking for your business can find you easily, and other that never knew you existed are introduced to your comapny daily!

But the work VALUE also refers to an ideal or standard. Signs 7 Wonders is committed to delivering quality products and excellent service at a fair price. It is a great value, delivered by a company with great values.

Approximate Advertising cost per 1,000 people reached:

Reaching 1,000 people with Radio and TV posts can range from $5.47 to $17.78.

Newspaper and magazine ads can cost between $7.39 and $22.95 to reach 1,000 people.

Direct mail, when you consider printing and postage, costs several hundred dollars per 1,000.

Billboards cost about $2 to reach 1,000 but must be rented temporaliy.

A Sign in front of your business reaches 1,000 people for just pennies!